I am based in Frankfurt, Germany, and played music in about 20 countries on 3 continents so far.
Contact is welcome via email here: me AT bennosattler DOT com

Here is some music with me in it:

Latest Club-Project NICE&DRUMS

Jazz in Russia with Andrey Shabashev Trio

Jazz w/ Daniel Stelter, Felix May, Marc-Inti

Latest Function Band Project of mine

Electro / Drum&Bass

Jazz @ Ourense, Spain, with Victor Prieto and Chris Cheek

Here is the latest Album, free to listen to, or to buy:
SHABA – Pictures Of The White North

I proudly use WACCO drums, and 2BOX e-drums.

I build and design drums for specific sound needs.
For consulting on drums as an instrument and/or drum lessons, see email on top.

I know a good deal about intricate movements and motor skills, hence I also build Bikes for specific applications  and consult clients to use them better, and more.

And because visual proof helps develop motor skills in any field, I also took a deep dive into Photo&Film.

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It is earth year 2024 for some right now, and we are up to date.